Top 7 Microwave Oven Uses and Functions- Know the Principles

The microwave oven is one of the essential kitchen appliances we use. However, do you really know everything about microwave oven uses and functions? Most users don’t even know what it can do without just heating food. It uses a type of electromagnetic radiation to heat foods.

The secret behind its enormous popularity is the highest efficiency rate. In the growing kitchen appliance industry, oven technology has progressed massively in these years. Even cheap microwave ovens can do wonders like an all-rounder.

In this article, you will learn everything about micro oven and enjoy the true potential of it. So, let’s get started, shall we?

Types of Microwave Oven

There are three types of micro-wave ovens available:

  1. Solo ovens,
  2. Convection ovens, and
  3. Grill ovens.

The microwave oven uses and functions

We all know the basic usage of it. However, an up-to-date oven model can be used for multiple cooking purposes like heating, roasting, cooking, defrosting, reheating, grilling, baking, and so on.

A micro-wave has a 55% efficiency rate, whereas an electric oven has only a 17% efficiency rate, and that’s why everyone prefers it first.

If you want to enjoy the true potential of your oven, you have to understand the uses of the microwave-oven and its functions, and that’s what this article is all about.

The microwave oven uses and advantages

Nowadays, the micro-cook comes with many functions that allow you to do multiple things. 

So, let’s find out what you can do with an up-to-date oven and the advantages of it.


Defrosting frozen food is quite tough, and it takes a lot of time if you try washing and draining. With it, defrosting is easier, and it can be done in minutes without diminishing the food quality. Many ovens come with a built-in defrosting program.


Besides stoves, you can also cook delicious food items in your oven that you make on the stove. With it, you can cook multiple dishes simultaneously and get the best taste.


A convection microwave oven is mainly known and used for reheating food in seconds. A more significant amount of food can get reheated within 15 minutes, whereas it takes more time on the stove. You can also heat your beauty products like facial masks, gel packs, hot oil packs, and so on for better results.


Baking is the most common practice of an oven. You can make delicious, soft cakes and bread within minutes with it.


Roasting is a crucial part of cooking. An advanced oven can roast better and faster.

 For example, roasting garlic takes around 45 minutes, but it doesn’t take longer than 8 minutes with a wave technology-based oven. 


Blanching takes a lot of time and reduces the nutrient of food. With an oven, blanching can be done within few minutes without lessening the food nutrient.

7.Steaming and boiling

Boiling and steaming can also be done with a convection oven within a lesser time.

Other advantages of the microwave oven:

1.Disinfecting kitchen items

With the help of heating radiation waves, you can disinfect your kitchen items like sponges, cutting boards, and so on. Just immerse it with lemon juice and heat it for a minute, and you will have disinfected and clean kitchen items.

2.Getting more juice from citrus fruits

If you want to get more juice from citrus fruits like lemon or orange, just do it for 20 seconds and squeeze it.

3.Making hardened honey softer

Hardened honey is a complete waste if you don’t know how to make it softer again. The simple way to make hardened honey smoother is to heat it for a minute. Now, whenever you have a hardened jar of honey, you know what to do.

4.Proofing yeast

As we all know, proofing yeast takes a lot more time and effort. If you want to save your time and effort, use your oven; just heat it for 15 minutes, and you will see a perfect dough made by your yeast.

Microwave oven working principle

Microwave Oven Uses and Functions

If you want to get the most from it, you have to understand its working principle, its functions. Here are all the functions of an oven (micro-wave) you should know (basic to advance).

  • Wave system technology

The microwave uses an energy-saving (saves up to 15% energy) wave system technology to heat or cook food. The heating waves spread around the oven while cooking and ensures better results without diminishing the nutrients and food quality.

  • Display

The display is the analyzer of the entire oven, and it shows the time, temperature, presets, and everything you need to know.

  • Controls and presets

Nowadays, an advanced technology-based oven comes with a variety of presets and controls. If you want to grill chicken, there is an option for it. Just mix all the ingredients, marinate it, and put it in the oven, and the preset will do the rest of the job. The controlling system of it is easy. You can set time and temperature and make whatever you want with it.

  • Child lock

The micro-wave system can be very dangerous when your children are around it. That’s why it comes with a child lock function, which saves your children from unwanted incidents.

  • Frylite

Frylite is an excellent feature that most of the high-end oven offers. With the least amount of oil, you can fry anything with this Frylite feature.

  • Grill

Modern convection oven allows you to make delicious grilled chicken on your multitasker oven. Just marinate with all the ingredients, and the micro-wave itself will do the rest.

  • Steam/ disinfect

Nowadays, a modern micro-wave-oven comes with a steam cleaner. To use it, you have to fill the steam cleaner with fresh water, add items in it and start steam cleaning and disinfecting a moment or two and you are all set.

  • Auto cooking feature

Auto-cooking feature allows cooking automatically without any effort. You just have to prepare the food and put it inside the oven, and the oven itself will do the rest.

  • Fermentation

Fermentation is mainly used for making yogurt. The modern micro-wave comes with presets for fermentation, ensuring the best fermentation without any effort in less time. If your micro-wave-oven doesn’t have a fermentation preset, you can still manually adjust time and temperature.


Which type of oven is best?

The convection micro-wave oven is the best and most popular type of oven available in the market.

What is the key difference between a microwave and other ovens?

The key differences between Micro-wave and other ovens are that it uses heating radiation wave technology and is more efficient, faster, and energy-saving.

What type of containers works safely under micro-wave technology?

Basically, glass and ceramic containers work great in a heating oven. Also, some plastic-made containers marked ‘microwave safe’ can be used in a micro-wave cooker.

Final words

From an ordinary kitchen appliance, a micro-wave-oven has become a daily life essential. From heating to disinfecting, it can do everything more efficiently and effectively. Unfortunately, most of its users don’t know the true potential of it.

However, you are not one of them. Now, you know everything about its uses and functions. We hope this article has helped you, and if it did, don’t forget to share it with your loved one.

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