How To Remove A Built-In Dishwasher

How to remove a built-in dishwasher without damaging or surrounding attachment? It is a very overwhelming task for anyone, especially those who have no previous experience. There is nothing to worry about if you are not skilled. Luckily I am here who is able to teach you how to do it using the right tools easily. Let’s get started following the guide below.

Is it tough to build in the dishwasher?

It is not tougher, but the difficulty level is medium. To complete this project, you shouldn’t have any advanced electrical skilled. But you should have some knowledge about handling electrical projects. To build and install any dishwasher successfully, you need to know some significant facts, which I am going to discuss in this post.  

How to remove a built in dishwasher?

Are you thinking now about what you should do and how to remove the dishwasher? Go ahead with me and follow the steps one by one. When the steps will be finished, your task will be completed successfully.

Take 15 to 20 minutes and make a short journey with me. So, are you ready?

At first, know what you need to pull out the dishwashers:

  • Pliers
  • Screwdrivers
  • Towel
  • Bowl
  • Furniture slider

If you have the above tools, we can start. Continue!

Step-1:  Use furniture slider

furniture slider how to remove a built-in dishwasher

Use a furniture slider if there has no roller underneath the built in dishwasher. It helps you to slowly pull out the unit easily. If you don’t want to use a furniture slider, the unit can damage or scratch the floor.

Step-2: Shut off the power supply

Before starting another task, you have to make sure all types of electric protection. That’s why at first, shut off the power supply to the dishwasher. Locate the electric breaker panel and then turn off the circuit breaker. You should do this task in the daytime so that you can get plenty of light during this task.

Step-3: Shut off the water supply line

Shut off water supply

The dishwasher valve is typically situated in the cabinet under the sink, which works as a water supplier unit. Turn off the water supply line turning off the valve clockwise.

Step-4: Disconnect the water supply line

Shut down the water supply isn’t enough. You have to disconnect the water line also. It is located underneath of panel front area of the unit. Use a towel to disconnect the line. Loosen the nuts at first that hold the line in place, and then let it drain into the shallow pan

Step-5: Disconnect wiring

Modern dishwasher machines include a short removable panel which you will get at the bottom front area of the machine. This panel is fixed with two screws.

Step-6: Check the drain line

Dishwasher drain line how to remove a built in dishwasher

Now clean out the sink cabinet removing the drain line. If there has any water, use a container to remove water as much as possible. Check again if there has any food debris, papers, or other things that can clog the drain. Remove all unwanted things and keep the seal dry out.

Step-7: Disconnect Drain Line

Remove remaining water old drain line which you can get under the sink. Then disconnect the drain line, which is a grey line. 

Step-8: Remove screws

Now remove the screws from the countertop, which are located at the front of the device. They are gripping the built in dishwashers to the countertop. Then remove the dishwasher permanently so carefully underneath the kitchen counter.

Step-9: Remove Junction

dishwaser remove junction how to remove a built-in dishwasher

You can be found the junction box on the lower back part of the dishwasher. Now move the junction box cover to expose the wire nuts adding black and white wires from the power supply source of the machine.

Step-10: Remove cords & Wires

The ground wire can be added to the box where you can see some green screws. Just ensure that the circuit breaker is shut down by applying a voltage tester. Then disconnect the wire. When you remove the electrical cord from the junction box, place the nuts of the wire at the ending point of every wire. Move the wire afterward.

Step11: Loosen compression fitting

Compression filter for dishwasher how to remove a built in dishwasher

Now eliminate the access panel that is attached by some screws. At the elbow and close the left-front corner and the water supply lines at the bottom. Use pliers or wrenches to untie compression fitting. To spill out the water, you can use a towel to clean.

Step-12: Untie The mounting brackets

A dishwasher is normally gripping in an area by a couple of mounting brackets nuts into the countertop bottom above the dishwashers. Not open the dishwasher door and see under the lip of the kitchen counter to get these brackets.  

Step-13: Pull out the dishwasher

If you have disconnected every electrical cord with supply and remove nuts or screws, slowly pull the dishwasher. You have to slide the machine gently completely.

Step-14: Clean up the area

After removing the built in dishwasher carefully, you will get some minor water spills. Now clean all areas of the unit using a clean towel. Remove a single drop of the area from the floor and even under the counter.

It is high time to double-check under the dishwashers and recheck any plumping leaks before installing the machine.

Why can’t you pull the dishwashers out?

After doing all the above tasks, if you can’t pull your dishwasher out, some are the reasons.

  • If the dishwasher is very heavy in weight, you can’t remove your machine lonely. In this case, you need to get help from someone for lifting slowly.
  • Another can be because the water supply and drain hose are getting caught. It will be helpful if anyone can feed those throughout the cabinet when you slowly pull the dishwasher out from the counter.
  • If your dishwasher is lightweight and you can handle it, you should check the screw and nut. So, ensure the screws are removed before trying to pull out your dishwasher.
  • Lastly, if there is a kickboard that can block your machine, eliminate that so that you can pull the machine out easily.    


Congratulation, you have done the task successfully. I hope you think it is just like magic. Yes, the process is very short and extremely effective for the built in dishwasher. It takes a short time, but you have to maintain all steps very carefully.

So, have you finished the job with enjoyment? So, you can share this post with your friends or relatives who actually need

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