Top 10 Best Cheap Microwave Ovens Reviews

We have become much busier in this tech era than we need a second hand to handle our kitchen tasks. And there is nothing without a microwave oven, we think. Well! But it is a crazy thinks that it is extremely tough to buy an affordable oven easily.

In this review article, we will suggest to you the best cheap microwave ovens. They are mostly high-quality featured and also stylish in design. Are you thinking about what you should do for your small kitchen? Yes, our selection is better for you when searching for a compact design and countertop-saving oven.

Let’s move and see what will be the best option for your small countertop. 

1.  Amazon Basic Microwave oven

Amazon Basic Microwave oven

Amazon Basic Microwave oven


  • Voice control microwave
  • 10-power levels
  • 1-year warranty

Our first selection of our top list is the latest technology-supported microwave oven that is perfect overall. Amazon offers this new design device for the smart kitchen, which you must love to get for your kitchen even if you have already one from the past. Why do you love it?

Let’s see its features with benefits.

Features & Benefits


Who doesn’t know and love to enjoy Alexa. We love it, you? Yes, Amazon offers this amazing feature with their microwave oven. You will get a voice control aspect that is very fantastic and high-quality. You can cook any suggested dishes without controlling your hand only by voice quickly and easily.

Compact design:

The compact size of it is great to save countertop, and it is a wonderful oven for a small kitchen.


This Alexa control microwave lets you cook, reheat, defrost, and make popcorn. Wow, popcorn, amazing.


It added some safety features, such as it just working for a logical amount of time. For example, if you attempt to microwave a cup of tea 10 or more times, it won’t run.

Child lock system:

A child safety lock process skips the oven from operating manually or by voice. You also love its another function that it stays locked during plugged and even unplugged back in. If you want to know the functions of microwave oven, click here.


For this model, Amazon proposes a 12-months warranty with a service offer.


  • Replacement tech for reordering popcorn
  • Alexa app system
  • Child lock system for safety
  • Faster cook voice reset
  • Wi-Fi connectivity


  • Due to the small cavity, you can’t use big size plate or other utensils.

2. Black+ Decker Microwave oven

Black+ Decker Microwave oven

Black+ Decker Microwave oven


  • Large LED digital display
  • 10-power settings
  • 1-year warranty

The digital Microwave is another most wanted, elegant, and classy oven of Black and Decker. This microwave oven is just similar to other updated models, but additional features of it are modern exterior and advanced aspects.

What’s more, that makes it superior? Continue its aspects.

Features & Benefits

Sleek exterior:

It is not only ideal for multi-stages cooking but also includes a 30-second cooking button. You will love its LED display, a removable glass turntable, plus a push-button door release.

Compact design:

If your home kitchen is small and has not had much more space on the countertop, you need a small size microwave. And it is good news that this model is ideal for its compact design. You can adjust it in your small countertop easily.


This microwave oven lets you program more than three functions you most utilize. 

Effective Power Level:

Like other upgraded microwave ovens, it includes 10-power levels and makes a powerful output of 900w. It is always best function for the perfect cook in the oven.

6-frequent meal presets:

You also like bulk meal presets of it like pizza, vegetables, potatoes, beverages, and even popcorn. It allows you to make your daily cook easily and quickly.


  • Child lock ensures safety
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Child safety lock system
  • Faster heat and cook
  • Low noise
  • Smooth and flawless defrost
  • Digital timer and clock


  • It needs to clean frequently
  • Not very quick for heating

3. Toshiba EM131A5C-SS Microwave

Toshiba EM131A5C-SS Microwave

Toshiba EM131A5C-SS Microwave


  • One-touch control system
  • Smart sensor with 7-auto menu
  • Energy-saving Eco mode

Our next have selected from Toshiba. It is  the best microwave ovens with a smart sensor and sleeking design plus great features. This model comes with the perfect combination of size, power, and low price point. It was designed with all essential features and more.

Let’s check its features at a glance!

Features & Benefits

One-touch Button:

This is a wonderful button to operate the new Microwave. It is a great aspect of power control. It added a 30-seconds button.

Power level:

It lets you adjust the cooking power level from 1 to 10 of 1100W. This is the ideal power output for over-the-range microwaves of use. The higher the watt, the quicker the cooking time.

Soften setting:

The melt set for butter, cheese, or chocolate lets you run them lower power without burning.


Another attractive part of a countertop microwave is its handle. The handle of this countertop model oven is extremely stylish and high-quality.

Great operating for the multi cook:

It is the best microwave oven for heating tomato sauce, solid in pop popcorn, dinner plate. It seemed quieter during use than a lot of countertop models that even tested. 

Mute option:

It is a rare feature that allows you to reheat dinner plates or midnight snacks. Like most countertop microwaves, Toshiba included a number of cooking options. It is powerful to heat food faster and easier.  


  • Child safety lock
  • Pre-programmed cooking option
  • Auto defrost system
  • Sound on/off option
  • Easy to hold the door handle
  • Digital timer and clock function


  • It needs to clean frequently
  • Not very quick for heating

4. Magic Chef MCM990ST Microwave Oven

Magic Chef MCM990ST Microwave Oven

Magic Chef MCM990ST Microwave Oven


  • Good size for a dinner plate.
  • Smart sensor with auto menu
  • Energy-saving Eco mode

Most Microwaves are small in size in our list, but it is really difficult to find a mini countertop microwave oven with 900-wattage. Many consumers are particularly single and have to move time and again to search for a pretty small oven to save space. This is the best Microwave for them. It looks great and works well. Continue and see why it is the best countertop microwave!

Features & Benefits

Cooking power levels:

Different cooking power level allows you to pop popcorn very well. This option also lets you heat frozen elements like reheating pizza, frozen vegetables, and other frozen food.

Auto cook:

This system is very amazing for the oven. You just keep food inside the oven and set cooking time from any cooking mode. That’s it to wait for a while to prepare your dinner plate.

Child safety lock:

Like other best Microwave, it also features a safety guard system that is essential to include any electric kitchen appliances.

Push Button:

Like a mini and cheap Microwave, it added a push-button system door that is fantastic to offer at this price.

Defrost system:

It offers you auto defrost any food items by weight and by time. As the best countertop microwave, it allows 360-degree heating with a rotary motion for effective cooking.      


  • 8-Pre programmed cooking option
  • Child safety lock system
  • Silver cabinet easy to clean
  • Auto defrost menu
  • 6-one touch cooking program
  • Fantastic push-button door


  • A little bit small than the other models on our list.
  • Pretty old design

5. Panasonic NN-SD975S oven

Panasonic NN-SD975S oven

Panasonic NN-SD975S oven


  • Cyclonic Wave Inverter Technology
  • 10-power levels
  • 20-auto cook option

If you seek a compact design with a well functional, affordable microwave, you can pick from the Panasonic model. They offer a gorgeous and classy black color best Microwave. The features of it are optimal for the day-by-day kitchen appliances need.

What’s more?

Features & Benefits

Power levels:

 The powerful 1250 wattage countertop microwave oven present faster cooking with 10-power levels. It offers 20 preset menu options for fast cooking time for a few common foods or frozen foods.

Inverter Turbo Defrost:

This feature defrosts your foods or meats and stays warm to handle the needs of temperature devoid of overheating.

Save space:

For a small kitchen, an affordable aesthetic microwave comes in the appropriate size. It saves the countertop of your kitchen. 

Large interior capacity:

Though it is small in size, its interior is large, which is ideal for a big family and large dinner plate.

Flexible design:

This oven design with a stylish and sleek design that makes it flexible for any sensor cook.

Auto Cook Option:

This family-size microwave oven is designed for everyday cooking push button with twenty auto cook options. It allows you to cook frozen vegetables, frozen food, reheating pizza, and any frozen dinner. 


  • Family size countertop microwave
  • Elegant manual control system
  • Perfect for versatile food preparation
  • 3-level popcorn button
  • Performed flawlessly
  • Suitable with genius sensor


  • Cook space inside of the oven is small.
  • Pretty tough to push the door

6. Emerson MWG9115SB Griller Microwave oven

Emerson MWG9115SB Griller Microwave oven

Emerson MWG9115SB Griller Microwave oven


  • Special for Griller power level
  • 11-power levels
  • LED light and digital timer

For a new and modern small kitchen, a new couple needs to buy every kitchen appliance carefully. Even they should think about microwave ovens also. Emerson offers a stunning countertop microwave that increases the beauty of the kitchen and saves space. Below express its features:

Features & Benefits

Sleeking Design:

This kitchen appliance comes in black color with stainless steel body plus a touch screen interface. The stylish design cretes it more attractive and wonderful to use.

Safe spaces:

The kitchen’s countertop needs to save space from handling all tasks without any hassle. That’s why; small size microwave oven is the best choice to save space on your kitchen countertop.

Defrost function:

You are allowed to defrost by weight function. It lets the oven automatically set the coming time and power level during entering your food.

Presets System:

From 11-power levels, you can use a 1-pure power level for grill making. The 9-presets are suitable for quick cooking. You can cook different menus like pop popcorn, reheating pizza, frozen vegetables, frozen meat, beverage, and so on.

Touch button:

It is very easy and simple to handle every advanced function. You can control it with a one-touch button.

LED display:

Like other countertop microwaves, this model offers a 99-minutes and 99-seconds digital kitchen timer clock. Here you can set the cooking time depending on your menu.   


  • Hassle-free cooking option
  • Lightweight glass turntable
  • Easier and faster heating
  • 99-min/99-second digital timer defrost menu
  • Auto defrost by weight
  • 9-Pre programmed cooking option


  • It can make a loud noise

7. Commercial Chef Small Microwave

Commercial Chef Small Microwave best cheap microwave ovens

Commercial Chef Small Microwave


  • Cyclonic Wave Inverter Technology
  • 6-adjustable cooking levels
  • Extremely compact Microwave

If your kitchen room’s color is white, white countertop microwaves can fit with nice looking. The Commercial Chef microwave oven with white is a delightful addition to any kitchen. It can turn head with more classic elegance. Most consumers review with full satisfaction for its high-quality features.

Features & Benefits

Simple Smart Design:

It is white and also comes with a simple but smart design. It is combined with retro style with rotary control.

Internal capacity:

It is one the best Microwave on our list that was constructed with 600 wattages of power levels plus 0.6 cubic foot internal capacity. For its small footprint, you can hide in the corner of your kitchen and save space.

Versatile cooking task:

Simple to multi-step complicated recipes are allowed to cook multi-menus. It completes every box of necessities with pretty extra time.

Lower Setting:

The lower maintenance system helps you to use this Microwave for any liquid form like butter or chocolate. So what do you think about it? It is the best microwave oven for a small kitchen at a low price.  

Cook time:

The mechanical dial systems are self-explanatory for setting up a cooking timer for more than 30-minutes. You can cheer your day with microwave popcorn with this best Microwave for home.


  • Small size countertop microwave
  • Stylish control system
  • Perfect for a versatile menu
  • Performed without fault
  • Suitable with smart sensor


  • Poor visibility during cooking
  • Without digital

8. Nostalgia RMO4AQ Microwave oven

Nostalgia RMO4AQ Microwave oven

Nostalgia RMO4AQ Microwave oven


  • 12-pre programmed cooking option
  • 5-power levels
  • 20-auto cook option

Having a lot of features, it is a small size microwave that makes it great to select for that one who is searching for the best countertop microwave to save counter space.

For the people who like retro-looking kitchen appliances, this form of Nostalgia hit the soft corner of them. It is very pretty to look through smaller pretty than convection microwave that fits standard dinner plate easily.

If you are eagerly willing to sacrifice a quantity of capacity and power, we suggest this series oven. Move on and introduce some features.

Features & Benefits

Glass Turntable:

It comes with a 10-inches recessed glass turntable. The recessed design of the turntable makes sure that no more of the countertop microwave cavity is eaten away.

Defrost function:

This model heats edibles extremely well, and the defrost activity truly seems to defrost easily without pre-cooking any foods.

Temperature Knob:

The timer plus temperature knobs are strong and work effortlessly. Further, the control panel comprises the bright LED display and adds a good contrast of functionality to the full retro theme of the kitchen appliance.

Sleek design:

A wonderful stylish countertop microwave for those who would like to buy retro style. The Aqua color of it is eye-catching, and it looks very classy with your other kitchen appliances. 


  • Turn and push the process dial
  • Unique retro sleeking look
  • Stylish door handle
  • Express cooking timer
  • Performed flawlessly
  • Ideal with smart sensor


  • Low wattage takes a long time to cook
  • Light doesn’t display when opening the door


9. GE JES1095SMSS microwave oven

GE JES1095SMSS microwave oven

GE JES1095SMSS microwave oven


  • Convenience cooking control
  • Control lockout system for safety
  • 1-year warranty

Our next selection is a GE countertop space-saving Microwave that is sleek and elegant in design. As the best and sturdy microwave oven, it was designed with stainless steel materials.

It offers smart and advanced features that let you use it for a long time. This model is suitable for people who are very busy in their lives and seeking the best affordable Microwave to make their tasks easy.

Features & Benefits

Minute Timer:

The bonus feature of this oven is a minute timer that makes it best than any other microwave oven. It helps to stay you on track.


This countertop space-saving oven features seven presets, including reheating leftovers, potato, dinner plate, pop popcorn, beverage, etc.

Incremental Button:

The models of GE also include a 30-second incremental button. It lets you defrost any food items by weight and by time.


The door handle has not included any extra handle. It offers the push button to control the door that makes the exterior of the oven smooth.    


  • Best countertop microwave
  • Lightweight and Elegant
  • Minute timer for easy tracking
  • Auto and time defrost
  • Child safety lock
  • Turntable for even cooking


  • Make loud noise while running
  • Not for a big family

10. Farberware FMO11AHTBSB Microwave Oven

Farberware FMO11AHTBSB Microwave Oven

Farberware FMO11AHTBSB Microwave Oven


  • 30-second control button
  • 10-power levels
  • 6-one touch cooking programs

Last but not least, the best but cheap Microwave is an optimum deal for the users who has a small kitchen with compact space. It is ideal for saving space and looking very nice for full-sized safe cooking. Though it is a pretty expensive Microwave, it is a perfect oven for home or workplace.

What about its aspects?

Features & Benefits

Power levels:

It permits you to reheat, cook, and weight defrosts options with good cavity space. It presents great power strength as cooking power with ten power levels.

Innovation technology:

The innovation technology observes the maximum steam that comes from the food. It monitors how much water is rest and how long time should continue for heating foods or cooking.

Multi-stage cooking:

Another best microwave feature of this model is the multi-stage cooking system. The 6-one touch cooking programs are permitted for tomato sauce, potato, frozen vegetables, frozen pizza, and ground beef.

Combining style:

It is an unswerving and cost-effective option in our recommended list with impeccable aspects and fairly large inside space. 


  • Child safety lock functionality
  • LED display with kitchen timer and clocker
  • Faster reheating and defrost
  • Soften and melt option
  • 6-minutes express cooking option
  • Smart sensor cooking technology


  • The interior light doesn’t display brightly.
  • It doesn’t allow you to change the power level in the middle of cooking.

Final Thought

Microwave ovens have revolutionized today’s modern kitchens. This kitchen appliance saves our time and energy and provides more benefited options for a better quality of life.

But recent microwave models have been expensive Microwave. The range is increasing day by day. In this case, finding out affordable Microwave is very difficult. To get the best one, you can check our recommended best cheap microwave oven reviews.

From here, you can get the best convection microwave easily, even within a low price model. We hope it will be your great investment for a long time to use a new microwave.  


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